Boozhoo! Parents and other community members are invited to weekly Ojibwe language table where we practice the Ojibwe lessons our students are working on. Ojibwe Language Table meets every Monday 5:30-7:00 P.M. October 11-March 21. All levels of language learners are welcome!

Meetings are held via Zoom:

Email for more information.

Week 11

Future Tense

Week 10


Week 9

What did you do yesterday?

Week 8

Past Tense

Week 7

Aaniin ezhichigeyan? (What are you doing?)

Week 6


Week 5

VAI Plurals

Week 4


Week 3

Aaniin ezhi-ayaayan? (How are you feeling?)

Week 2

Aaniin ezhiwebak agwajiing? (Weather)

Week 1

Boozhoo Gaagiigidowin (Introductions)