Oshki Ogimaag Community School opened its doors as a K-6 Minnesota Public Charter School in September 2009. Recognizing the need to provide our children with a local, high-quality educational experience  with an emphasis on the Anishinaabe culture, Oshki Ogimaag was developed through a grassroots initiative which gained support from the Grand Portage Tribal Government and community.

Located in a small Anishinaabe community on the Grand Portage Reservation and authorized by the Osprey Wilds, students receive a complete education while attending a “school without walls,” utilizing the school building for classrooms and our homeland as an extended campus.

The physical environment of the Grand Portage Reservation is a dynamic learning center, teaching students about the natural environment, history, and interconnectedness of all peoples, things, and beings.

Our Mission

Oshki Ogimaag Community School’s mission is to create a K-6 learning environment of excellence based on traditional teachings. Rooted in the Anishinaabe culture and language we will:

Our Vision

Our vision is to guarantee the future of Anishinaabemowin, cultural knowledge, values, and history to sustain and empower our Elders, family, and youth. Upon graduation students will have academic competence, positive leadership skills, and social self-sufficiency.

Collaboration with tribal schools worldwide will promote knowledge and respect for Indigenous world views, and allow for meeting the ever-changing educational and social needs of the Grand Portage Community with new methodologies and innovative technological opportunities.

Families, students, teachers, staff and administrators become allies in education promoting student ownership of learning through empowerment and recognition of diverse learning styles.

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