For weather related school closings, please refer to the following procedures:

  1. An automated school notification system will call all households to relay information if school is closed. If you do not receive a phone call, know that the school is in session and on time. If you have recently changed your phone number please call 218-475-2112 to update our records.
  2. Closing information will be on 90.7 FM,, WTIP radio, and KBJR and WDIO news stations.

When making decisions to close school or have a late start, the primary concern is the safety of the children on the bus route.

If we are open and you, as a parent or guardian, do not fel it is safe to send your child to school, it is an excused absence should you decide to keep your child home. It is IMPORTANT that you notify the school of your child’s absence on these days.