Parents and Guardians: Your participation makes a huge difference in your child’s education! One way that you can support your child’s learning is to make sure she/he is in school every day and on time. There is a relationship between school attendance and success, the more your child attends school the more successful she/he will be in school!

We understand that sometimes children need to be absent. When this happens it is very important that you notify the school that your child will be absent. This helps us plan for your child’s absence, collect homework, and make sure that your child can be caught up on what was missed. OOCS will excuse an absence for the following reasons:

In order for the absences to be excused, the school office must be contacted by a parent either by telephone, email, or sending a note with your child the next day. If the school is not contacted the absence will automatically be unexcused. Call 218-475-2112 or email

We appreciate your support for education!