Tuesday, May 4Thursday, May 6

All Testing Dates & Details

Test Grades Dates
MCA Reading 3-6 May 4
MCA Math 3-6 May 5
MCA Science 5 May 6
FAST Reading K-6 Oct 27, Jan 6, April 13
FAST Math K-6 Oct 28, Jan 7, Apr 14

Average Test Administration time- MCA total 2-4 hours. (reading 1-1.5 hours, math 1-1.5 hours, science .5-1 hour)

FAST 15-30 minutes per subject

Student Results for MCA’s will be given out at Fall conferences, if parents/guardians do not attend conferences these will be mailed with report cards.

FAST results are discussed at parent/teacher conferences in Fall and Winter. Results are also reflected on each quarter teacher/student reflection sheet.

As a public school, OOCS is required to conduct early literacy assessments for students in kindergarten through third grade and to participate in the annual Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA’s) for grades 3-8. The MCA’s are required by the state of MN in order to hold all schools accountable for teaching grade level standards. (MN Statutes, Section 120B.30 and ESEA)

K through 6th grades are assessed with the Fast Bridge adaptive test 3 times a year to measure progress in early literacy and beginning math, fulfilling our state requirement to assess for grade level norms and providing student information on areas of growth, strengths, and weakness.